Dog Training Classes

Moor Dog Training promotes responsible dog ownership and life skills training for you and your dog.

(Life skills are things that you need your dog to achieve for everyday living)


I am a Kennel Club listed club providing the public with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. The scheme comprises of four award levels; Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The levels comprise of life skills exercises.

I hold pet dog obedience classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week from 6 pm - 9 pm. Each class is one hour long. During the hour, exercises are performed and any problems or questions that arise are dealt with accordingly, where time allows. Some dogs may need a home visit and this will be offered and explained why. 

I have different classes depending on your dogs age and/or ability. All dogs need to be chipped and wearing a tag attached to their collar. 

Classes are held in a 3,000 sq ft building which allows plenty of room and space to train and gives adequate personal space between dogs and owners. Dogs are required to learn to settle at the side of their owners, as if waiting in a Veterinary surgery waiting room or sitting with their owners at an outside cafe. I provide seating and free beverages and there is a large car park at the rear of other outbuildings on the site. Disabled friendly.

Please note:

I cannot take dogs that display aggressive behaviour to other dogs and/or people into a class environment, for safety reasons to my clients and their dogs but also, some dogs cannot cope well and become very stressed. Any behaviour modification with a dog that displays aggression, needs to be done within the home environment. it is not a case that the dog, 'just needs socialising,' because the dog may display aggression due to being over-socialised. 


Moor Dog Training

       'Educating The Owner; Training The Dog'
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